HERE® vectorial Maps

QuoVadis offers vectorial maps from the premium provider HERE®, together with the routing engine of Telogis® for which these maps were prepared, giving you state-of-the-art route calculation and navigation in the vehicle.
These maps can be used in QuoVadis7.3 and better for route planning and automatic route calculation. This also means, they can not be used running Windows-XP. They can be used on the road on the PC with a GPS receiver even with dynamic, voice guided navigation. These maps can also be used in QuoVadis 7.3 as an overlay of raster maps. They can not be transmitted as vector maps to other GPS devices.
To do route calculation and voice guidance a "QuoVadis Standard 7.3" or "QuoVadis PowerUser 7.3" license is required. You can also use these products in the QuoVadis freeware version, but then they can only be displayed as a map. When upgrading the freeware version to Standard or Poweruser, these maps are automatically unlocked to full functionality.
Please refer to the detailed country listing in our item description. There you will find the exact information about which countries are covered by the mapset.
Here you will find informational pages by HERE® showing the recent map coverage as of today.
Our maps and software require an online activation via Internet on our activation server.

The HERE® vectorial maps can also be used with QVX-Win, but not with QVX-Mac.
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