Italy Elevationdata 25m/1cm QVX

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Italy, high resolution terrain model, 25 m grid, accuracy of height values 1cm, only for QVX

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High-resolution elevation data for QuoVadis X with outstanding vertical accuracy of 1 centimeter and a horizontal resolution of 25 m. The resolution is significantly better than the SRTM3 data. In QVX, the data is simply used like a map. Either load it as a main map or as an overlay in the map window. In the info of the map you can choose between different views:
- Slope inclination
- Hillshading
-Atlas shading.
Many other parameters are adjustable. Furthermore, the data can be used for offline creation of altitude profiles for routes and tracks.
In the Wiki all options are described.
To use this data, at least QVX is required.