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QuoVasdis Karten

QuoVadis is known for its support of many different map formats. In the new QVX some more on and offline maps have been added. More than 30 online maps are already installed, which can be used directly without local installation and are always loaded online.
In addition, no other software offers such a wide range of maps with high-quality maps for almost all regions of the world.

Online maps

Straßen- und Generalkarten

In the new QVX some more on- and offline cards have been added. More than 30 online cards have already been set up, which can be used directly without local installation and are always loaded online.

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Topographic maps

Topographische Karten

Topographical maps form the ideal basis for planning outdoor activities, from hikes to high alpine tours, from bike tours to mountain bike adventures. They offer an accurate representation of the terrain with many visible details, such as water bodies and prominent high points. We offer topo maps for many areas of the world, from the outstanding Top25 for Switzerland, Germany and Austria to Russian and French military maps for Africa, Eurasia, the Middle East or South America.

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Road and general maps

Straßen- und Generalkarten

Modern general maps are a mixture of topographic and street maps. In contrast to pure road maps, they therefore have a higher information content. For QV they are available from northern Scandinavia to Gibraltar and from the Atlantic to the eastern border of Turkey, including the Baltic States, complete in a sheet-free map with an amazing wealth of detail! The ideal overview map with a map image based on the German general map, i.e. with highlighting of scenically beautiful streets and sights and relief hatching.

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HERE vector maps


QuoVadis offers routable and navigable road maps of the premium provider HERE® (formerly NAVTEQ®). These maps can be used in QuoVadis from version QV7.3.0.21, so they do not run under Windows-XP! They can also be used on the road on a PC with a GPS receiver for dynamic, voice-guided navigation or stationary for route planning and automatic route calculation. These maps can be used in QuoVadis 7.3 as overlay of raster maps. They cannot be transferred as vector maps to other GPS devices.

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For all Africa travellers an absolute must are the maps of the Tracks4Africa. It is now available in a special version for QuoVadis and QuoVadis Mobile. It is routable, even under special consideration of routes only suitable for 4x4 vehicles, including voice output.

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Since QuoVadis 7.3 we provide ready-made QV-OSM map packages, routable compiled, directly in the QV-Xplorer in the directory "Download Packages", "QV-Map-Download" for automatic download and installation for free. Hints and explanations for using these map packages in QuoVadis7.3 can be found here in the QV-WiKi!
These free map packages contain very little topographic information, especially in areas outside DE/A/CH. But the street details are often much more up-to-date than on available (often older) topographic maps. For this reason, these packages are also excellent as overlays on topo maps or satellite images to display the most current possible street layer.

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Mapsforge maps/AndroMaps


QVX now also supports the popular Mapsforge maps. With their compact file sizes and fast map construction, they have made a name for themselves especially on mobile devices. The QV team is especially looking forward to the cooperation with OpenAndroMaps.org. The maps, so popular with hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers, are now also easy to download and install from QVX.

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Free maps from QuoVadis 7.2 onwards

Freie Karten ab QuoVadis 7.2

We offer some maps for free download. The links can be found in the respective product descriptions. These maps in QV's own format can only be used with a licensed version of QuoVadis 7.2 or higher. Available are:

  • Norway, Topo 1:50K
  • Dänemark, Topo 1:25K
  • Albania, Russian topo 1:50K
  • slope slope map Alps
  • Historical Germany 1:100K
  • Great Britain map set 1:250K
  • Hawaii, USGS Cards 1:25K

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Elevation data

Here you will find worldwide elevation data for use with QuoVadis in *.gmg or *.qv5db format. The SRTM3 data have a resolution of about 90 m (SRTM30 data a resolution of about 900 m), SRTM1 data a resolution of about 30 m. By far the highest-quality DEMs are Intermap's "high resolution" data with a 25m grid and an accuracy of 1m vertical!

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Satellite imagery

Satellite images in MRSID format, georeferenced for use with QuoVadis. The resolution is about 1:250.000 scale map. Even if we know much better from Google Earth, Bing and other providers and these data are not of constant quality everywhere, if you are without internet access, these inexpensive satellite images can be a good help.

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