New maps QV Navteq 2013 and Australia 250K

28.05.2013 21:16
Dear friends of QuoVadis GPS Software,
QuoVadis Software GmbH is very pleased to be able to introduce some new mapping products to you!
Map data Navteq® 2013
All our Navteq® 2013 mapsets were newly compiled using the recent year 2013 data. Beside the renewal of the actual data some new countries were introduced with the mapping products as follows:
- our mapset with Africa data now is labeled "V11071 Navteq® 2013 Afrika southern Part and Morocco", nomen est omen, Morocco and also Uganda were added to the mapset.
- our mapset "V11061 Navteq® 2013 Latin America" now additionally includes data of Bolivia, Panama und Peru.
- our mapset "V11091 Middle East Navteq® 2013" now also includes data of the countries Israel, Qatar und Kuwait.
We recognized, that specialy to the eastern part of Europe a lot of new data was added. The entire Europe mapset now requires 16GB space on your harddrive. For this reason we now ship the new "V11011 Europe East-West Navteq® 2013" and "V11013 UPGRADE Europa East-West Navteq® 2013" on USB-Stick. All other Navteq® 2013 Products will be shipped on DVD.
To all customers of our previous mapset "V11010/V11012 Europe EAST-West Navteq® 2012" we have an upgrade offer. You may obtain "Europa East-West Navteq® 2013" at a reduced price. Please be advised: when installing the upgrade, the activation of the previous Navteq® 2012 mapset is mandatory verified.
V11001 DACH Truck Navteq® 2013
As a new product we have "V11001 DACH Truck Navteq® 2013". Germany, Austria and Switzerland are covered. This dataset has the truck attributes included as provided by Navteq®. This product installs in QuoVadis as a separate map. When calculation a route, attributes of the vehicle/truck - size and weight - are taken into account, as far as restrictions are known to the Navteq® 2013 dataset. In the QuoVadis mapview, streets with truck-specific restrictions can be highlighted in color.
R52020, Australa Topo 1:250K
An other new mapping product is the Australia Topo, scale 1:250.000. The map seamlessly covers Australia and was converted to QuoVadis "QBR" format. The map is shipped on 8GB USB Stick.
All items introduced here can be used with the latest version of QuoVadis only (currently Version These products are available at our QuoVadis online shop at once. There you will also find some more detailed info and some screenshots showing the map view.
Please visit us at our QuoVadis online shop at
Your team of QuoVadis Software GmbH