QVM-Android, HERE® 2014 maps....

11.09.2014 00:52

QuoVadis Mobile Android (QVM-A)
It's done! After an complex development and extensive internal
testing we now introduce QuoVadis Mobile Android:

- running on Android 4.03 and better, both on smartphones and on tablets.
- simple, direct data exchange with QuoVadis 7.1.
- waypoints, routes and tracks can be exchanged with other GPS Software
  using *.gpx format.
- many of the popular online maps (OSM, Google, Bing) are integrated.
- map sections can be exported from QuoVadis 7.1 to QVM-Android.
- Google and Bing Online Routing Engines are integrated and can be used
  for route calculation when online.
- Very easy to set up "object tracking" from QVM-A to QVM-A, for single users
  as well as for entire groups.
- QuoVadis 7.1 "Power User" can show QVM-A devices when setup for tracking.

Simply download "QuoVadis Mobile Android" from our website and
test the app.
You can order QVM-A directly at our our webshop for only € 19.90 incl. VAT..

*** New HERE®-vector maps (formerly NAVTEQ®) for QuoVadis 7.1 ***
following the acquisition of NAVTEQ® by Nokia®, our well known maps for
street routing "QV-Navteq® 2013" now switch their name to
"QV-HERE® 2014". The future releases are named "Here®"-Maps.
We offer the well known country division in QuoVadis 7.1 compatible format.
In particular, the data amount of the eastern areas increased enormously.
Our product "V11014 Europe West-East Here® 2014" now totals to 8.9GB, in
comparison to 4.8GB for the 2013 data! Therefore, this data set is now
delieverd on a 16GB USB stick.
System requirement: QuoVadis 7.1, Windows XP is no longer supported!
You find our new "QV-HERE® maps" at our webshop:

*** QuoVadis 7.1, end of support for Windows-XP ***
Microsoft® already terminated the support for Windows-XP. Due to
requirements for the SDK of our QVM-OS we also had to terminate the
Windows-XP support for our Software as of QuoVadis 7.1!
The last version of QuoVadis to support Windows-XP is QV7.0.1.39.
In the future we will additionally offer this last Windows-XP version
for download at our donwload page.
*** We needed more room and moved our office! ***
Our old office in Seligenstadt simply became to small and narrow. So we
moved to 63533 Mainhausen, Odenwaldstr. 9, N 50,02486° O 9,02338° (WGS84)
Now we have significantly more space, as well as a training room of
our own for meetings and exercises. No parking-, storage-
or roadaccess-problems any more and a realy nice lake- and camping area
right at our door. We are still struggling to have the lake renamed to
"Lake QuoVadis" ;-)

All items introduced here can only be used with the latest version of
QuoVadis 7.1 or better (as of today These products are available
at our QuoVadis online shop at once, there you will also find some more
detailed info.

Your team of QuoVadis Software GmbH