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QuoVadis Mobile for iOS(QVM-i), Android (QVM-A) and Windows Phone (QVM-W) all available in the respective appstores!

QuoVadis Mobile V3 für iOS(QVM-i) und Android (QVM-A) and Windows Phone QuoVadis Mobile V2 (QVM-W) gibt es nun alle in den jeweiligen Appstores!

QuoVadis Mobile is your "All-Inclusive-App" for navigation and GPS.
Easy to operate and omnipresent on your Android device or Windows Phone 8.1, it satisfies all your needs.
For everyday navigation, e.g. for shopping in the city, a weekend trip or a hiking tour, trip planning outdoor, onroad and offroad, the QVM makes the usage of a separate GPS navigation device obsolete as it uses the built-in GPS functionality of your smartphone.

And for spontaneous actions it is always on board anyway.

Onroad / offroad / offline navigation and maps

  • NEW! Many offline usable, routing enabled QV-OSM map packages are ready for download directly from within the
    app (QVM-A/i V3) at no extra cost.
  • Online you may use integrated online routing engines from Google or  Bing.
  • While on road you can search for addresses quickly and you will be guided to your destination by clearly spoken instructions
    on foot or by car, along the quickest or the shortest route
  • In off road navigation mode, the software shows you the direction and distance to your destination or guides you along routes or tracks
  • The route travelled so far is displayed on the map and can be saved
  • At any point in time, you are able to save points of interest as a waypoint
  • A big compass rose shows bearings also in a standstill phase, if your smartphone contains a compass sensor
  • Rise- and dawn of the sun and the moon, beginning and ending of twilight are displayed
  • If you already have QuoVadis, you can navigate in QVM using your existing maps
  • For online navigation QVM may use the integrated Google or BIng engine.
  • In addition, online maps such as OSM, GoogleSat, BingTraffic and OpenWeather may be used as well as WMS. Most of these online maps are ready to be used, others can be easily added.
  • If you are a QV user, you may export any map from QV and use it offline in QVM which gives you offline access to a virtually unlimited set of maps.


  • You may share your own position with others. Likewise, you may follow the locations of others in real-time if they have shared them.
  • This is ideal if you are on a hiking trip as a group or in an unknown city and you are interested in the whereabouts of your fellow travelers.
  • Technically, this is implemented using a non-public server enabling you to control access to your data.
  • For this feature to work, an Internet connection is necessary.
  • In the case of an emergency, you are able to send your location in an SMS text message or an email with just two clicks.
  • With QVM-I you can receive and show SPOT-Messages in the map

Data managment

  • Like in QV, QVM uses an internal database to manage your data.
  • Thus and despite of the amount of data involved, this means your data is constantly displayed in a structured manner and a powerful search function as well as definable favorites allow you to easily find what you are looking for.

And much more

  • If you want to, you may create additional databases and reorganize your data using copy & paste operations.
  • If you are on a tour, you may create maps, generate tracks and an arbitrary number of waypoints.
    Feel free to assign custom-made attributes like colors and symbols. Furthermore, each object features an information field allowing you to enter additional information or a more detailed description and also web-links.
  • All data can be stored in GPX format such that it can be imported and exported to or from other programs.
  • Coordinates may be entered or read in Wgs84 Lat-Lon or UTM format.
  • Access to Online-data like GPSies-tracks and OSM-pois
  • Weather for your current location or any waypoint
  • Elevation- and speedprofile for tracks

You get "QuoVadis Mobile für Android" directly at our online shop. The Download Link for this software is available directly at our download page here in our online shop. The downloaded version acts as a demoversion until online activated. So you can test it with a runtime restriction as long as you want. This app requires Android from Version 4.0.3 or higher. For exchange of data with QuoVadis 7 version QV7.1. or higher is required!

You get QuoVadis Mobile Phone 2 for Windows Phone and QuoVadis Mobile for Windows Phone in Windows Phone Apps-store. You also find a demo version there so you can test before buying. This app requires Windows Phone 8.1. For exchange of data with QuoVadis 7 version QV7.1. or higher is required!

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The entire QuoVadis-Team wishes you a lot of fun using QuoVadis Mobile!

QuoVadis Mobile Privacy

Your current location helps us provide you with better search and mapping services and with navigation functionality.GPS-locations are always saved anonymous. QuoVadis Mobile is never using or saving any personal data like name or email-address. At any time you can switch of GPS-functionality on the GPS-page.

Hint: Online-maps are downloaded from the internet and can cause traffic-fees.

In case of questions please contact us at info@quovadis-gps.com.