QuoVadis X again available as permanent license

05.06.2020 17:36

At the beginning of the year we changed the licensing model for QuoVadis and received a lot of feedback. We are constantly working hard on the development of QV and would like to make new features and improvements available to our users as soon as possible. At the same time, update, support and last but not least license fees, such as for certain routing services, cause ongoing costs. 

Because we wanted to lower the entry price for QVX at the same time, we decided to go for a subscription model. On the one hand there was a lot of understanding for our decision and the transparent communication. On the other hand, many users have told us that they have difficulties with a pure subscription model. 

We have therefore decided to adapt our licensing model once again. With immediate effect QuoVadis X is available again as a permanent license in Basic, Standard and PowerUser versions. 

The prices remain at 49.95 Euro for QVX Basic, 79.95 Euro for QVX Standard and 139.95 Euro for QVX Poweruser. They include one year of use of the routing engines of Graphhopper and Microsoft Maps (Windows only), free support and free updates with the latest features. 

After the first year the software can be used with the current version with full functionality, but without Graphhopper/MS-Routing, without support and without further updates. If you want to continue to use Graphhopper/MS-Routing, updates and support, you can buy a further year of use at any time.

You can also upgrade QVX to a higher version at any time. Then a new year with Graphhopper/MS-Routing, updates and support begins. 

All previous subscription licenses are automatically converted to the new model.