Support and maintenance services

As a company, QuoVadis offers support and maintenance services such as installation support, full installations, data transfer from existing to new devices, generic trainings as well as trainings tailored to your individual needs. We are also more than happy to support you in upgrading and changing your existing hardware. To suit your individual requirements we will be gladly able to make you a specific offer. To give you a basic understanding of the sort of services and prices offered, please see the list below:

Support and maintenance services offered by QuoVadis
Via remote support:

  • Basic instructions
  • Minor software maintenance and data cleanups
  • Troubleshooting and basic support for software installations

The service will be charged per 30min/15min

On-site services, in your location:

  • All services listed in the section above
  • In-depth instructions and hands-on exercises
  • Complex, time and resource-consuming software maintenance and data cleanups
  • New installations of software and maps

The service will be charged per 60min/30min plus travel expenses

In our office:

  • All options mentioned above  
  • Replacement of hardware, upgrade of HDD to SSD
  • Conversion and transfer of software, data, maps to other/new devices (subject to technical feasibility)

The service will be charged per 60min/30min

Further information about our pricing options:

For example 60Min/30min means, the first hour will be fully charged regardless of the actual effort. In case the duration of support exceeds 60 minutes, the service will be charged in slices of 30 minutes. The hourly rate for support and maintenance services is 80 € (excl. VAT), i.e. with German VAT added this amounts to 95,20 €. An additional surcharge of 50% applies for all weekend work (Saturday/Sunday).

Further information about travel expenses:

  • Zone 1 up to 15km 30€, net (35,70€ incl. VAT)
  • Zone 2 up to 30km 45€, net (53,55€ incl. VAT)
  • Zone 3 up to 50km 65€, net (77,35€ incl. VAT.)
  • Zone 4 = Zone 3 plus 80ct/km, net (plus 0,95€/km incl.VAT)

Note: The distances mentioned above are referring to the distance between your location and our office in Germany.

Important notice:

With all support and maintenance services involving your devices and data we have to assume you are in the possession of up-to-date backups of your data on external storage media. We will certainly handle your data with utmost care. However we do not take any liability for any data and applications stored on your computer when providing support and maintenance services. Thus it is strongly recommended for customers to create back-ups of their own data on a regular basis.