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Summertime - Actiontime

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Dear customer, dear friend, dear user of QuoVadis
We made it: the SmartPhone/SmartPad-Trio of QuoVadis Mobile is completed! We are finally able to offer you our QuoVadis Mobile apps for iOS(iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows Phone 8.1.

We would like to take this opportunity to present you some news around our software QuoVadis,
QuoVadis Mobile and new maps.


QuoVadis 7 Download 10% discounted
Licenses and upgrades of all "QuoVadis 7 download versions" when ordered at our QuoVadis online shop  discounted by 10% !

"QuoVadis Mobile - iOS"
If you are already customer in our QuoVadis Online Shop or as soon as you have registered there, you may send us (by e-mail) a proof of your purchase of "QuoVadis Mobile iOS" , i.e. the invoice of your purchase at iTunes Appstore. Then we will set a bonus of 10€ in QuoVadis Online shop for you, which will be discounted at your next purchase of any goods there.

Both "summer-special" offers are available until 31.07.2015 only!

News - Updates

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QuoVadis Mobile iOS

QuoVadis Mobile - iOS für iPhone and iPad, the "mobile" QV for your Apple Smartphone

Many users own  a smartphone with iOS operating system for iPhone and iPad. For these devices we have finally developed our QuoVadis navigation app by the name QuoVadis-Mobile iOS. QuoVadis-Mobile iOS, in short QVM-i, is easy to use and works perfectly together with the current QuoVadis7.1. It offers excellent data exchange with QuoVadis7.1 and vice versa! You can also use your QV-maps when exporting them from QuoVadis7.1 to QVM-i.

QuoVadis Mobile iOS offers the following features
  • On-Road-Navigation, by foot or by car, the quickest, or the shortest way.
  • Off-Road-Navigation, in Off-Road mode, QVM-i will show you bearing and distance to your destination or guides you along a  defined route.
  • Tracking, you can share your own position with others.
  • Maps, you may use the integrated online maps or as a QV user you may export excerpts of your own QV-maps and use them in QVM-i in offline mode.
  • Databases, perfect data management and database exchange between QuoVadis7 and QVM-i. You may search and order you data as you like using the built in project manager.
  • Data Exchange, to exchange your data with other softwares you may simply use the common GPX-file-format.
and many more...

QVM Finden Routen QuoVadis Mobile iOS Tracking QuoVadis Mobile Daten

Support for SPOT Tracker in QuoVadis7 and QVM-iOS

In comparison to earlier device generations, the new SPOT Trackers show significant progress. The price of one tracker ranges between 130€ to 170€. A one year subscription for tracking intervals as low as 5 minutes with about worldwide coverage is available and affordable for everyday and everybody.

In QuoVadis 7 one may use the key, included in the public link of such a tracker, to setup the device for tracking in QV-multitracking configuration.
Even QuoVadis Mobile for iOS can be set to use SPOT trackers. Use the menu point "live">"shared" to register such a tracker in QVM-i, request his position information and display it on your smartphones screen on a suitable map.

Albania, new russian topo map 1:50K scale
free download
We are glad to present you a russian topo map of Albania for download, 1:50K scale, seamless, QV-map "qbr" format.
Courtesy of "Bunker Trails"
, Peter Wullschläger, we can offer you this interesting map for free download and use with QuoVadis7.1. You find this map on our homepage at downloads / maps.

Have a nice summer and much fun using
QuoVadis7 and QuoVadis Mobile!

Your QuoVadis Software Team