Popup menu

The following functions are available in the Map pop-up menu which can be accessed by a right mouse-click on any point within the map window:

Description of the options:

Object name This is an object selection tool: this option will allow you to choose the object of interest in case various objects lie under the mouse pointer and cannont be selected through a simple mouse click. This can be the used map and/or any sort of geodata like waypoints, tracks, routes, geocaches or drawings.
Show in X-Plorer Opens the QV X-Plorer and shows all details for the opened map or the selected object.
Style Opens a window with various style options (see below).
Zoom all Will zoom to the whole map extent.
Remove from map This option allows to remove any kind of geodata (waypoints, tracks, routes, geocahes or drawings) from the map. In case of various overlaying objects, choose the object of your choice through the object selection tool (see above). In case no geodata are available at the location of the mouse pointer, QV will ask you if you want to close the map.
Change map… Will list all available maps in order to choose one from the list. The maps are ranked according to scale. You find the most detailed maps at the top of the list.
Add overlay… Will list allavailable maps for applying a map overlay function (see below).

Style options:

The Style window which opens after a right-click with your mouse will always refer to the object which is lying below the mouse pointer position.

If necessary, use the object selection tool (see above) to select the obeject of intersest before choosing the style option.

As this chapter refers to the map window, we will only cover the map style options here.

The map style windows includes 3 tabs: A General tab, an Overlay tab and a Vectormap tab.

The General tab only offers the option to define a given map as a background overview map:

The Overlay tab includes the following options:

image1615866705.jpgBy tick-marking Make a map-color transparent, you can enable a choosable color of a map to be plotted transparently. A seperate field allows for specify a tolerance value which will define how accurately the defined color must be met.

Using the General transparency of map slider you can define to which extent the map should be plotted transparently. Thus, you can adjust the plotting style to your personal preferences.

Using the Visibility according to scale input fields, you can restrict the plotting of a map to a certain range of map scales. To do this just enter the sacles under Not visible above scale and Not visible below scale, respectively. By pressing the Current scale button, you can copy the actual map style into the input field.

You can also activate a Preview in map option.

The Vectormap tab includes several sub-tabs: General, POIs, Lines, Areas and Labels. Thus you can modify the appearance of all vector map objects according to your specific requirements: