Compressing databases

In QuoVadis 6 databases will be compressed with the following steps:
- Please open QuoVadis 6 Xplorer
- put the cursor in the tree view on the list or a database, for example “My Data”
- click in the Icon button of the QV-Xplorer onto the left Icon “white container, database….)
- select “compressing”

… with this function the database “My-Data” will be compressed. Please repeat this for other lists or databases if necessary. With the compressing a file with the same name will be created in the list “QV6_Data\qu6”,which has the ending*.qv5db.bak. This can be created newly by deleting the ending .bak , when there is a mistake in the original DB, or when a table/DB has to be read newly. (For that function QV has to be closed and started again!)