Printing in the scale

On the one hand it is genious in its function, on the other hand it is not so easy to understand, how QV6 realizes the scale-orientated printing. Therefore I have a outlined a short workflow, which, when you follow it exactly, helps you to understand very well, how you can handle that!

Maybe this steps will help you to understand:
- open one of your maps
- zoom on 100% and adjust the window so, that the left edge above
of the map window shows also the left edge above of your print-out.
- then: file, print, goal “Printer”, 300dpi, “continue”
- now please select the option “this view”, the screen becomes a little
darker, because a window in the size of the screen will be drawed
which includes the chosen print-out-field.
- now let the “Print” dialogue open and zoom with the scroll-wheel,
with the keyboard or the icons in the QV-menue widely out of the map
- if not selected, place a check mark on “true-scale printing”,
and on “Map section extending on paper size”
- then click on “Create page”, unti now the two last
entered options will be applied and you can see, that the window
changes accordingly like the print-out-size of the selected scale.

When you determine a scale and order, that the papersize of the printer (A4?) should “be filled” with the map, then you have determined the section in QV-window explicitly. The in this map section entered options will be applied only, when you click explicitly on the option “Creating page”!

I hope, this “little exercise” will help you!