People can send to you routes, waypoints and tracks.

QV NetDrop

The most easiest way is, if the other person is using QVX or QVXM and both of you are connected to the same Wifi. Then just sending the route or track with QVNetDrop is as easy as sharing photos with AirDrop.


If the person is at a different location or not using QVX, he or she can still send you routes, tracks or waypoints as a file in GPX-format. For this purpose any route planing app can be used, as long as it is capable of exporting in GPX-format. Of course, using QuoVadis is always preferred.

So after exporting into the GPX-Format, they can send the GPX-file by email, WhatsApp, Messenger or any other communication app to you. You just open the file then and QVXM will automatically import the content, show it in the map and you can start using it.

Example from email

Tap on the attachment or link to open it (step 1) and then share it with QuoVadis X Mobile (step 2 and 3)). The following example shows the workflow after receiving a route as a gpx-file with an email:

After sharing with QVXM (step 3), you need to tap on Start Import (step 4) and then, after success, you can tap on Show in Map (step 5) to see the new route or track in the map, where you can then e.g. immediately start navigating.