Road surface

QV Offline maps also contains information about the surface of roads, for example tar, gravel or sand. The map can be displayed in a special color mode, where all roads are black lines with a thickness according to the road class and on top of it a colored dotted line is drawn according to the road surface:

No dotted line Tar - or no information available
Red dotted line Rocks
Grey dotted line Gravel
Orange dotted line Sand
Green dotted line Grass

Please note, that these information is compiled from OSM-data, which can be incomplete in certain areas. So its not 100% guaranteed, that the provided information is correct.

To enable this surface-mode, proceed as followed:

Make sure, you have a offline loaded. Goto POI-Task and select “Unpaved roads”

One point to mention: If you are looking for gravel roads, you will notice, that these are mainly small roads of minor relevance. These roads appear in the map only at higher zoom levels. If you want to see them earlier, for a better overview, increase Zoom Offset by 1 or 2. Be careful, because if this value too high, the map performance will drop because of too many roads to be drawn.