On the first page of the Properties window you will find basic information the coordinates, altitude and a comment field where you can add any comment for this object.

Coordinate The geographical coordinate of the object
Altitude The altitude of the object
Elevations If you don't have the altitude of the object, QVX can determine it from online or offline sources, see here
Comment Any text you would like to include, can also be html-code
HTML If checked, html-code will be rendered accordingly

Altitude and coordinates can be displayed in various units, e.g. latitude and longitude, utm, meter, feet etc. See here on how to choose the units.

You can add links to any object. A link is a reference to a web-address or a file on a hard drive. The easiest way to create a link is just to drag and drop the file from the Windows Explorer or Mac Finder into the Links field. Web-addresses can also be created just with drag and drop from the address-line of your browser.

Additionally there is a context menu which opens by clicking with the right mouse button:

Create link from web address or filename Opens a dialog, where you can enter or paste the address of a link
Open Opens the link in the respective app
Show on hard drive Shows the original file in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder
Delete Deletes the link from this object
Delete all Deletes all links from this object


On the Style page you can change many parameters on how the object appears on the Map window, like color, size, icon etc. If the waypoint is loaded in the Map Window, all changes on these parameters will be immediately updated.

Symbol Choose the symbol for the waypoint, see below
Symbol size % The size of the symbol
Color You can choose the color of the symbol and the color of the outline, which is drawn like a box around the symbol. Uncheck the checkbox, if you don't want the outline.
Lettering With the following options you can select, if and how the name of the aobject should appear in the Map Window
Name If checked, the name of the object will be drawn
Size % Size of the name
Color Color of the name and optional color of the outline
Apply default style Click here, if you want all style parameters to be reset to the default values for this object type, see also here
Standard for new marks Click here, if you want the current style parameters to be the new default parameters for this type of objects, see also here


Clicking on the symbol of the Waypoint opens the Symbol-dialog:

Here you can select different symbol sets, from OSM and Garmin and you even can use own symbols, which should be stored on your hard drive in the folder QVX_Data\Symbols.

So first select the symbol set, then the symbol from the list and then clock OK.