Follow shared positions

With QVM you are able to follow the positions of other QVM- users who have given access to you. Therefore look at Sharing my position.

To use this function you have to be logged in to Microsoft-SkyDrive.

Set up

To receive the position of anybody else you need to “actualize” the list in the cloud. Therefore tap on Actualize the cloud and the persons who like to share their positions with you will be listed.

In the list you will now see all the persons who are sharing their positions with you. Please mark the person(s) who you like to be shown in the map screen and confirm your selection with the button Update.

For everybody, who you have selected in your list, a new waypoint will be created in the database Shared positions. Now you can edit the waypoints, for example change the color etc.

Names or WPs, which are signed with a small “eye”, are visible in the map (if checked).

Displaying the position

To follow the positions it is useful to let them shown in the map. You will see your own position as a green triangle and the other persons` positions as a red point with their names below. The actualization will be done automatically in a minute-interval.

To stop the tracking of a special person, delete the mark(s) from the map.
You have the following options:
a) click on the WP and “hide” it,
b) “delete” the WP permanently or
c) mark it as “not visible” by clicking on “Info (Name of WP)”.