System requirements

QuoVadis Mobile, briefly “QVM” is using the following components (if available):

  • positioning services
  • maps
  • data services
  • SD-card
  • movement and direction sensor
  • voice guidance

Also the following resolutions will be supported:

  • HD720P (720 x 1280)
  • WVGA (480 x 800)
  • WXGA (768 x 1280)

The software supports the languages German and English. Some functions require a higher WindowsPhone version to carry out the tasks.
Please note the table in the further process!

Featutres Windows Phone 8 Windows Phone > v8.x Gerätehersteller die dies unterstützen1)
Show map in the compass X2) X3) S ATIV S (GT-I8750), H HTC 8X, Hu Ascend W1
Use QMZ maps offline - X N, S, H, Hu
HERE Maps X X N, S, H, Hu
View phone in the windows explorer XP4), W7 XP5), W7 N, S, H, Hu
Speech output per BT X X N6)

File Conventions WindowsPhone

The WindowsPhone is not able to save data on the internal memory.
Only several combinations are possible! Here you can see some examples with no guarantee of completeness:

From PC to the mobile:

  • Only several files on the mobile phone and the SD-card can be recorded (Copy With the restriction yes / Save directly no)
  • Directly from [QVC] out can be copied to the mobile phone or on the memory card
  • Reading images from memory card goes but out of [QVC]

Mobile internal actions:

  • No write access to the memory card
  • Writer access only to certain folders in the phone memory

Databases and naming in QVM:

  • The database in QVM may not contain any “special characters” and possibly “accents” due to MS 7). If one problem with any DB or upload or download from SkyDrive to show up, please check this! In addition also applies to exported from [QVC] map that will be used in the name of any special characters and spaces!

If you want to access Windows XP on his smartphone, is dependent on the installation of the ZUNE software.

Purchase QVM

If you have QVM from the Windows Phone Store to download to your smartphone, you can test the software extensively, with the only exceptions that QVM is terminated after 10 minutes. Do you like the software, you can purchase them from within the app. QuoVadis Mobile offers you the “Bottom” of the start screen to a button. QuoVadis Mobile buy… Click on this button and you get to a further clue to the Windows Phone Store and the ability to “purchase” the app.

You want your app now buy, or add them to your “Software Collection”, then confirm it by clicking on the Buy button. The following is an indication that this app uses location services and your location and data is sent to Microsoft.

After clicking on Allow Go to “Checkout”. Here you can e.g. your carrier select, if the purchase is to be handled via your phone bill, or select your preferred payment method. (Here, for example, PayPal ©)

After successful purchase you will receive (for example, the purchase through PayPal ©) a confirmation email from the Windows Store, as well as PayPal and the software app is permanently in your app collection of WP account.

QVM install again

It can even happen once, for some reason that you have deleted the QVM app accidentally, or you need to install the app again for a different reason. This works in the following manner.

Call with your smartphone to your Windows Phone Account and log on. After registration, select the entry “Previously bought” from. Then mark your QVM app and click install New .

The app is reinstalled. This can be checked for a “growing” on the progress bar, or if you go back into your application list, you can also follow the installation there.

If this is your failure and you get in your “already purchased” List an orange error message that the app can not be installed, is up to you possibly the push notification 8) “find My Phone” in not enabled! This may be the case if you have kept to “save battery” in the instructions for. Turn on push notification again and the app can be installed.

Update for QVM

As already accustomed to [QVC], there are always product improvements for QVM. These are free of charge for you. Otherwise, it will be announced in the shop.

If an update is available, so in the live tile of “Store 9) by a small number on the right side displayed. Click on the Live Tiles and you get to the homepage of the shop and see the Note: 1 Update.

Click this notice and you go to the QVM App. With Current all start the update process. Again, you must agree to the “localization”. Now the update for QVM is downloaded and installed.

A further action on your part is not necessary, because the existing app is automatically updated. QVM can be used immediately again with your user DBs after starting the app.

N=Nokia - S=Samsung - H=HTC - Hu=Huawei (Ergänzungen folgen)
2) , 3)
If the smartphone supports a compass!
Installation of the Microsoft ZUNE Software
Installation of Microsoft ZUNE Software
On e.g. Scala Rider©
Microsoft Software © sdk
Please refer to the “FAQ” section of your Windows Phone.
If a “live tile is placed on the homescreen”