Data layer on the current spread of the corona virus available in QVX

04.04.2020 01:15

The corona virus is spreading rapidly worldwide. The number of cases changes daily. The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore compiles daily updated data on the development.

We also want to follow the situation in countries that are not in the focus of the news. The countries where we have been travelling and made friends, which we hope to visit again soon.

This data can be displayed in QuoVadis X as layers on different maps. Simply click on the POI layer selection in the map window and select " Covid19 Global Cases".

The data set is currently updated once a day and shows the status of the previous day.

The size of the points corresponds to the case numbers recorded. The colour represents the current change compared to the previous day in the sequence green-yellow for a change up to 5%, yellow, orange, dark orange, red to violet for a change greater than 50%. A grey dot means that no data are available yet.

When you move the mouse to a point, the current number of cases and the change from the previous day are displayed in percent.

For further information, right-click on a point and select Info from the context menu.

In the opening info window, the data on the XY-tab are displayed as a curve over time. A click on a curve provides the exact value at that particular time.

With the options button individual curves can be shown and hidden.

Further information about this data layer can be found in the QVX-Wiki:

A demo version of QuoVadis X can be downloaded here and tested with full functionality for 25 days free of charge.