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QuoVadis X - The perfect software for travel and planning
. for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS

QuoVadis X

Travel planning at home and on the road

Available for desktop computers and laptops running Windows or macOS, QuoVadis X software
is the ideal tool for planning and archiving tours and trips.

QuoVadis X Mobile

Unbeatable on the road!

Available for iOS and Android, the QuoVadis X mobile app is the ideal companion on the go. 

Planning and navigating on a variety of maps, enjoy all the power of QuoVadis X in the brand new QV app.

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QuoVadis Maps

Mehr Karten bietet keiner!

QuoVadis is known for its support of many different map formats. In the new QVX, a few more on and offline maps have been added.

No other software offers a comparably large range of maps with high-quality data for nearly all regions of the world.

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