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Your path, your goal, your adventure!

QuoVadis X, or QVX for short, is a completely new app from QuoVadis. Contrary to the usual tradition, where QV7 should actually be followed by QV8, we decided to take a different, new path this time. In 20 years of QuoVadis different products have been developed. In addition to the original QuoVadis, which has been continuously developed further, a version with a smaller range of functions was developed in cooperation with the tour driver easyROUTES, which is very easy to use thanks to a well thought-out user interface and is particularly aimed at beginners and occasional users. Furthermore, the QuoVadis Mobile version for smartphones and tablets was developed, which has its strengths especially on the road. QVX now combines the experiences of these three lines in a new version that is both easy to use and powerful and stable with a wide range of features:


  • Clear and simple layout
  • High performance and stability
  • Platform-independent kernel and map engine, therefore version for Windows and macOS available
  • Modern architecture as a basis for the next years and future operating systems

QV7 remains on sale, especially also for our professional users and our customers in the search-and-rescue, government and education sectors.

For a first impression we recommend the quick start in the Wiki.

Now available for Mac and Windows

Route planning simple, fast and flexible

The new planning mode in QVX offers both simple and powerful route planning capabilities. Whether on the bike or on foot, by motorcycle or in the car, onroad or offroad - QVX always determines the perfect route. Waypoints and tracks can be created and edited just as easily. Height diagrams are determined online at the touch of a button and all adjustments to colours and styles of elements are immediately visible on the map.
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Let's take a lap

Another new feature is the round tour planning mode, which is available in conjunction with the Graphhopper Routing package. Simply enter the desired route length and an approximate sky direction, and a particularly winding, fast or for cyclists and pedestrians optimized route is determined.
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Don't search, but find

Although the path may often be the goal, goals must also be well chosen. With QVX's extensive search capabilities, you can search your data for routes, tracks and waypoints. But you can also browse the gigantic POI collection of OpenStreetmaps or search for POIs with Google Places.
The QV search is intelligent, easy to use and absolutely accurate. Geocordinates, addresses or place names are displayed on the map in a flash and all points can be transferred directly into the route planning.
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Only the best maps

QuoVadis is known for its support of many different map formats. In the new QVX some more on and offline maps have been added. More than 30 online maps are already installed, which can be used directly without local installation and are always loaded online.
The huge selection of previous topo maps can also be used offline in QVX. They can now even be downloaded and installed directly from the software.
Also on board are the well-known QV and easyROUTES offline maps based on OSM data, which are available for many regions worldwide. They can also be installed in QVX directly from the map downloader and used including offline routing.
QVX now also supports the popular Mapsforge maps. With their compact file sizes and fast map construction, they have made a name for themselves especially on mobile devices. The QV team is especially looking forward to the cooperation with OpenAndroMaps.org. The maps, so popular with hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers, are now also easy to download and install from QVX.

No other software on the market offers more maps!

Powerful data management

Those who work with GPS data and maps will quickly have a large collection of routes, tracks, waypoints, maps, or drawings. The great strength of the QuoVadis software is the ability to store these data in databases in a structured and fast way. All data can be provided with additional information, such as texts, images and links, to make them easier to find. They can be quickly retrieved using the powerful search function. For planning and processing, any elements can be individually arranged on a wide variety of maps. The project manager that can be switched on allows a quick arrangement and offers full control over the elements in the map.
All processing steps are now automatically saved in QVX so that nothing can be lost. Accidentally deleted data can be easily restored from the recycle bin.
The SQL databases used in QVX can also be used directly on mobile devices with QV-Mobile.

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On the devices, ready, go!

QVX automatically detects GPS devices connected to your PC or Mac. All common devices of well-known manufacturers are supported. Route tracks and waypoints can be transferred in the appropriate format with just a few clicks and you're ready to go.
QVX can also prepare routes especially for Garmin and TomTom devices in a special way so that they can be navigated on the GPS exactly as they were planned.

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Made-to-measure ready for printing

The fundamentally revised and enormously powerful print function in QVX can not only capture any map section on paper at lightning speed. Even large map sections with individual markings can be printed true to scale and pin sharp. Simply indispensable for the next hike or as a backup for GPS navigation.

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POI-Layer - All information is just a click away

Special layers with selected POIs can also be displayed above each map. These include the POI layers from the OpenStreetmaps, which can also be varied thematically. If you want to see all petrol stations in the area, simply select the POI layer and activate this feature. The same goes for pharmacies, accommodation, restaurants, shopping and much more.
In addition, all POIS are directly accessible from the tour database of the magazine TOURENFAHRER. Motorcycle-friendly hotels, passes, motorbike museums, biker meetings or racing and enduro tracks are supplemented by track closures from www.mintelonline.de (Germany only)

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Navigation in the vehicle

Especially for demanding users QuoVadis has been an indispensable companion in off-road vehicles, camper vans or expedition trucks for years. And with the new QVX you can also navigate directly in the vehicle on tablet PCs and laptops thanks to the online driving mode with adapted touch surface. This is possible either with online maps or completely self-sufficient with locally installed offline maps and routing data including voice output.

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64 bit technology, a completely new map engine, SQL databases and many other technical innovations have found their way into the user interface. For the user, they mean lightning-fast map building even with hundreds of tracks, routes and waypoints in the map window, direct implementation of style changes to elements or rapid storage and calculation processes. With the new QVX, even complex projects can be completed with unprecedented ease.