We want the work with our products to be as pleasant as possible for you.

QuoVadis is a powerful software package that covers the non-trivial topics of navigation, route planning, archiving and maps. A certain familiarization is therefore necessary.


For this we offer an extensive manual, which you can call in the program under Manuals or here in the menu Instructions. As a beginner in QVX, we especially recommend the chapter "Quick Start to get familiar with the concept of QVX.



If you have questions or problems with the operation, the fastest way to get an answer is our QV-Forum. Ask your question there and usually get answers within a few hours.

Support via forum is always free and never expires.


If it is about more serious problems, write an email to us (

QVX users can do this comfortably directly from the program under "Help - Report a problem" (from QVX

Please note that users of QVX-Basic, QVX-Standard and QVX-Poweruser will receive email support and free updates only within one year from purchase. The function "Help - Report a problem" checks this before and gives a corresponding hint if the maintenance of the QVX version should have expired. In that case you have to purchase another license first.


Our number +49 6406 8337146 is currently redirected to a call answering service with an announcement that you would like to send an email to


Support for TTQV4/QV5/QV6/QV7

Please check first of all if you have installed the latest version.
Due to a change by Microsoft in Windows, the automatic update search no longer works for these old versions and you have to update manually. You can find the latest updates here on the download page.

If the problem still exists, please contact the forum or write an email to