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Happy Easter 2022

Easter in Ukraine is a couple of days later than in Europe, on the 24th of April. Because it is based on the Julian calendar, but the meaning is the…

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25 Years

How can you go on celebrating now? Well, we decided we can and we must.

There are still good things happening and we believe that 25 years of QV is…

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The War

Last week the Aggressor started the war by attacking Ukraine. Against common sense, against humanity, against values of integrity and peace.


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Our Support Fourm - 20 Years

Customer support is very important to us and that's why today we celebrate the remarkable 20th birthday of our active support forum.

In 20 years,…

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New Map-Engine before release

News from the development department. There will soon be a new map engine for mobile. This is internally the part of the app that displays the map.…

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New Reise-Know-How maps available soon

We are pleased to announce the revived coorporation with Reise-Know-How-Verlag.

The Reise-Know-How-Verlag has been known for many years for its…

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QuoVadis is now on Instagram

QuoVadis now also has an Instagram page. We want to attract new users also outside the German-speaking area. Therefore, we will post information about…

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Anna Grechishkina – The world from my bike

Since 2013 Anna Grechishkina is on the road with her KTM around the world. Her book, which was first published in printed form in English in 2017 and…

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