QuoVadis X Software

QuoVadis X is offered in three versions: Basic, Standard and Poweruser, which differ in price and functionality.

Download QVX here and activate the demo version to experience the power and ease of use for 25 days at no cost.

The software is only available as an annual subscription. This has the advantage of a favourable price and above all you always have the latest version with the latest functions within the subscription period without additional costs.
Furthermore, we can therefore directly integrate the routing functions that were previously available as a separate subscription.

The subscriptions are always valid for one year. If you want to continue using QVX after that, just buy it again and it will continue seamlessly. If not, QVX switches back to the viewer version. This gives you unlimited read access to your data, you can export as GPX and view it on the map. Import and editing is no longer possible, though.

A table with the comparison of all functions in each version can be found here in the QVX Wiki.
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