Installation help, problem solving, individual training

With our support and the remote maintenance-tool "Teamviewer" we have the possibility to have a look on your computer and your QuoVadis installation. By this we can help you with installation-, map- and software problems from distance.

For this it is necessary that you have a clean working and fast internet access (1MBit or better). We use TeamViewer GmbH Germany as a remote support software.

The usage of the remote support costs 47,60€, inc. VAT per half hour and is only possible with an appointment. Please first contact us under info / at / to check whether we can help you with the remote support.

If you got an appointment from us please download TeamViewer:
TeamViewer exe-file oder der TeamViewer zip-file.

We will talk about details on the phone before remote support session. To reduce the expenditure of time it helps to have the current QuoVadis complete setup and the latest update on your computer (desktop).


If you accept this service is to be understood that every assistance is given without any guarantee. Each risk is on your side. It is always recommended to backup all important data before any work outside of the computer.