Scan services

We do offer scan services as well. This includes raw scans in *.jpg format or geo-referenced data for usage in the QuoVadis software or files in the geotif format. In order to use geo-referenced data it is mandatory to have a valid LAT/LAN or meter grid with precise and map-specific parameters. You will have to provide this information to us (map data, projection…). For high quality topological maps this information is either printed on the map itself or may be requested from the vendor. In case the information provided is incomplete, the map cannot be geo-referenced (i.e. calibrated). The geo-referencing always defines grid and parameters, over which we have no influence.

In the navigation software, we scale geo-referenced maps down to 256 colours /200 dpi and save them in png-/tif-format to ease their handling.

In case you would like to send us physical maps, we advice you to send them in a rolled-up format and to unfold them well in advance to remove any bends. Otherwise when scanned in, the map may contain colour irritations and other errors. If folded maps are send to us or if they have not been flattened in advance (e.g. by ironing them), we will be unable to scan them in without irritations or streaks of some sort. Thereby, flattening a map will only soften but not entirely remove all bending marks.

Maps that on the narrow side are wider than 100cm or longer than 120cm have to be scanned in two rounds and are as just regards as two scans. Consequently, such maps are resulting in two separate files, which will be separately billed, too. Ultimately the paper width is what matters and not the cartographic figure on the map. Partial scans of such outsized maps will not be done. Hence, TPC-, ONC-, Michelin-maps and the like are generally regarded as two scans.

Cover sheets of maps have to be removed by you before sending them to us. Otherwise, we will not be able to process them and will send such maps back to you.

Raw scans: You will receive a direct scan of the map, neither adjusted nor calibrated and without being further processed in any way (i.e. without any alterations with regards to contrast, brightness, flattening, color reductions etc.). Just a plain raw scan, i.e. you will have to do some manual processing of the map in order to be able to use it in any sort of navigation software.

In case we may scan maps for you, here is our pricing sheet in PDF format as well as an ordering form. Please read the instructions carefully and fill in the form accordingly. Moreover, please sign and include the ordering form when sending us maps for scanning and further processing.