Bundle QVX + Schweiz Top25 QV-Map 2021

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Bundle: QuoVadis X + map Germany Top25 QV-Map (R10101)
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New licence of QuoVadis X, either Basic, Standard or Poweruser, in a package together with the new issue of the Swiss Topo 2021 (article no. R10711) at a special price.

The QuoVadis X license from this package offers the permanent license and one year of use of the routing engines Graphhopper and Microsoft Maps, free support and free updates. After the first year the software can be used with full functionality, but without Graphhopper/MS-Routing, without support and without updates
If you want to continue using Graphhopper/MS routing, to have updates and support, you can purchase an additional year of its use at any time.

The map from this bundle is the permanent license.

The topo maps of the Swiss national survey "swisstopo" are undoubtedly among the best in quality worldwide. For all those for whom the best is just good enough and who simply need maximum detail for their outdoor ventures. The copyright of the raster map is held by swisstopo.

We have prepared the raster maps especially for QuoVadis and created a very interesting and universally applicable hybrid map, excellent for planning and for on the road by car, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot.

It contains the official raster maps of swisstopo in the dimensions 1:25,000, 1:200,000 and 1:1,000,000, which change automatically depending on the zoom. In addition, OpenStreetMap includes all POIs (point-of-interest, gas stations, hotels, stores, etc.), which can be displayed and hidden separately by category. Furthermore, a routing database created from OSM data is included, with which offline routing throughout Switzerland by car, bike and on foot is possible.

The map was recreated with data 02/2021 (swisstopo) and 05/2021 (OSM) and is compatible with QV7 (at least, QVX (at least, QVM and QVX-Mobile. 

The map has been re-projected to Mercator-WGS84 for easy use with QVX-Mobile. For friends of the original topo in Swiss grid CH-1903 the two articles R10700 1:25000 and R10710 1:50000 are still available in the QV-Shop for QVX and QV7-