If the way becomes the destination - travel report Motorrad ABENTEUER

24.08.2020 17:51

QuoVadis developer Tom Flemming and Andreas Hülsmann, editor-in-chief of the magazine Motorrad ABENTEUER, set out to explore the remote corners of the Baltic States. For navigation on the road, they relied entirely on QuoVadis' calculation of curvy routes and quickly roamed the backyards of the Baltic States on the smallest of routes.

After a fortnight of unimagined riding fun, the motorcycles look as if they are coming straight back from the depths of the Siberian taiga. But Andreas and Tom were "only" at the Baltic Sea. How adventurous it can be on the lonely slopes in the Baltic States, you can read in the current issue 5/2020 of MotorradABENTEUER (German).


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