North America, map-set, Reise-Know-How Verlag, QV-Map

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North America, map-set, Reise-Know-How Verlag

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Exclusively at QuoVadis the maps of Reise-Know-How are available in interesting major regions on one DVD.
Complete coverage in several mapsheets (except Canada the most northern regions). Kanada - Ost/Mitte/West 1:1.9Mio, USA - Alaska 1:2Mio, USA - Florida 1:500K, USA - Hawaii 1:200K, USA - Kalifornien 1:850K, USA - MidWest 1:1.25Mio, USA - Neuengland 1:600K, USA - NordWest 1:750K, USA - Nord 1:1.25Mio, USA - NordOst 1:1.25Mio, USA - Süd 1:1.25Mio, USA - Südost 1:1.25 Mio, USA - Südwest 1:1.25 Mio, Mexiko 2.25Mio

Diese Karten laufen mit QV6/7 aber nicht mit QVX .
This map package runs with QV6/7 but not with QVX.