QuoVadis X Poweruser

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QuoVadis X Poweruser, download

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The Poweruser version contains the full range of functions, for the experts and also for commercial and governmental users:

- inclusive routing with profile Auto fastest, shortest way
- including routing with calculation of winding routes for motorcyclists, or special tours for hikers, cyclists, mountain bikers and much more
- including more than 30 online cards
- load many more cards from the QV-Shop
- Create, edit and manage routes, tracks and waypoints
- perfect data management with the QV-Xplorer
- true-to-scale printing of maps
- Import and Export GPX files
- Send and receive data to and from common GPS devices*

- Map export (PNG, JPG or QMZ for QV-Mobile)
- Position determination with GPS-Online
- Navi mode with Driving View and Tourchscreen optimized interface
- Live - real-time position information from connected users (QVM)
- NetDrop - Simple, fast and wireless data synchronization between devices with QuoVadis X or QuoVadis Mobile (similar to Apple Airdrop)
- Import and calibration of own maps
- Creation of QV maps with QMR compiler

- Route optimization (with S07010)
- Roadbook Editor (from Q3-2020)
- Import of maps in Shape format (from Q2-2020)
- Drawing function, export to SHP (from Q2-2020)

*The following device types are supported:
- Garmin, old USB and PVT protocol, e.g. 276c (Windows only, not Mac)
- Garmin removable disk, GPX protocol, e.g. GPSMAP 64
- Garmin multimedia protocol, e.g. Zumo
- TomTom
- Android/iOS device with QuoVadis Mobile

The software is delivered as a download and includes a permanent license and one year of use of the routing engines Graphhopper and Microsoft Maps, free support and free updates. After the first year, the software can be used with the current version with full functionality, but without Graphhopper/MS-Routing, without support and no updates.

If you would like to continue using Graphhopper/MS routing, updates and support, you can purchase an additional year of use at any time.
Please also note this important information about QVX.