QuoVadis X

MS Windows: 7-64 / 8-64 / 10-64:
Current complete setup QuoVadis X  (ca. 50MB, EXE-file)

Current instalation packaget QuoVadis X  (ca. 55MB, PKG-file)

Release notes

Try QuoVadis X now for free!

Here you can download QuoVadis X immediately and free of charge and try out 25 days with all functions.
Afterwards, the demo version automatically changes to the freeware version, which is unlimited in time, but with reduced functionality. We wish you a lot of fun with the tour planning!

QuoVadis Mobile Apps

QuoVadis Mobile-iOS
QuoVadis Mobile-Android
QVM Android
QuoVadis Mobile-WindowsPhone
QVM WindowsPhone

for Android (version 3), iOS (version 3) und Windows Phone (version 2)
may from now on all be installed and purchased directly at the respective appstores.

QuoVadis 7, GPS- and navigation software

  • All versions of QuoVadis are installed by the same setup which you can download here.
  • If you install QuoVadis for the first time you can test the Poweruser function set for 25 days without entering a serial number.
  • After the expiration of the demo-periode you can still work with the QV7-freeware version without a serial number but only with a limited function set (not with QVX)
  • If you have bought the Standard or Poweruser version just enter the serial number. A re-installation is not necessary.

Software QuoVadis 7.4 (MS Windows: Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 )
Current complete setup QuoVadis 7.4  (ca. 60MB, EXE-File)

Software QuoVadis 7.0 (last version to run with MS Windows XP)
Software QuoVadis  (ca. 50MB, EXE-File)


  • An overfiew of the different QuoVadis versions you can find here.
  • If you already use TTQV4 or TTQV5, here you may here find information for the installation and adoption of your data
  • QuoVadis will automatically inform you about new program updates or you can check for updates in your  QuoVadis 6 installation going "?", "check for updates" in the main menu.

Worldwide Geographical Names database

the worldwide location database for QuoVadis 7 with over 5 million geo-names. The coordinates are normally rounded to minutes but that's adequate to open the right map and to place the map extract in the very near of the wanted object. A very interesting and valuable extension to QuoVadis 6
Location database QV7 (ca. 212MB)