Support Hotline

The first and fastest way to get information and support is over the QuoVadis QuoVadis Support Forum!

If the forum doesn't help in your case and other ways of support have more prospect of success you will surely get concrete recommendations in the forum.
If the necessity of systematic support by phone comes up our next step is to offer a fee-based support hotline.
Another source for information about software QuoVadis our constantly updated WiKi which is available on our Download page as PDF-file available.

Notice for the QuoVadis Support Forum:
-Users with the title Progi, Admin and Staff are members of the QuoVadis Software GmbH.
-Users with the title "Admin h. c." and "Master of Maps"
are very motivated and experienced users of QuoVadis who widely support you in the QuoVadis forum during their free-time. The know-how of these specialists in their field of expertise often tops official QuoVadis members.