QV6 Multitracking with APRS

QV6 report multi tracking with APRS

Multitracking mit APRS

Recently I successfully installed the new QV version After the first steps with the software worked fluent and error free I decided to test the QV6 Poweruser version which I especially bought because of the multi tracking function. Here I want to provide the result for you QV users.

The aim was to connect my equipment consisting of a radio unit, a radio modem, a GPS device and QV6 which is installed on my net-book. Then I wanted to launch the multi tracking function based on APRS. I was positively surprised how everything worked first try especially because the interaction of the different components is quit complex and I had to spend quit some time on learning the varied possibilities of configuration.

I want to point out that the special advantages for me are on one hand the comprehensive possibilities of QV6 with PC-based navigation and having a variety of map material. On the other hand there is the data which the APRS technology offers to display integrated into the map material. By this it is possible to not only record my track and locate my position but additionally locate the position of other vehicles.

I'm very impressed by these functional possibilities and my two hours test drive went without any problems. On the pictures you can see the APRS data that I received during my drive with the Navteq 2009 map. I also added a picture on which you can see the interaction between all hardware components.

These functions I will use on my future (expedition-) trips. A few technical details and functional interaction:

  • QV6 in the GPS-online touch mode – position fed via Blue-tooth with a Qstarz GPS-mouse
  • Receiving APRS position data via radio unit (FT857d), decoding by radio modem (SCS PTC TNC) and transfer to QV6 via ser. Port (USB-adapter)
  • Sending own position data into the APRS net with the radio modem which receives the current position from a Garmin 60CSX
  • PC hardware – 9” Touch Convertible Net-book with Atom 1,3GHz CPU (Asus T91MT) with WIN7/32

Concluding I can only say well done to the QuoVadis Team. The possibilities are unique and I am looking forward to use QV6 with multi tracking on my next trip.

Best regards