Our Support Fourm - 20 Years

Customer support is very important to us and that's why today we celebrate the remarkable 20th birthday of our active support forum.

In 20 years, 4750 QV users have posted 24000 topics with a total of 189000 posts.

The forum is open 24/7. It is absolutely free to use and you can be sure to get any question regarding QV and maps answered in a very short time.

The soul and heart of the forum are the so called "Admins h.c.". These guys are very dedicated users who have gained a lot of experience with QV over the years and are happy to share it with you in their spare time. You can recognize them by the sticker "Admin h.c." under their names.

At this point a huge thanks to you, our "Admins h.c.". Your commitment to the QV users is terrific.

But we have more support options, even for QuoVadis X Mobile. On the Support page you will find all available offers.