Outlook For This Year 2022

Since Covid lockdown, we have invested a lot of time, money and efforts to develop new products and app versions. We mentioned already a new map engine for mobile with much better performance and also new features. We hope for its release very soon.

Another good news is that we finally got a new contract for offline routing with the most current HERE maps. Still a lot of implementation work is needed, but it will be a great new feature for QVX mobile with loads of new routing options based on the most accurate road maps from HERE at a very affordable price.

We recently heard of some disappointment from our users about unusual delay in support and bug fixing. We apologize for that and promise to return to the good support from us you’re used to.

But we also need your support now. To recover from a period of low sales and high investments, every map or QV-version purchase helps us to go on.

We thank you very much for your loyalty.