NavLog Forest maps

The classified forest and forest roads from NavLog GmbH are the official forest maps for forestry and BOS. They contain all routes with attributes for lorry accessibility. In addition, POIs such as bridges, subways, tight bends, turning restrictions, turning areas, rescue points and much more. They are collected by the federal states and private forest owners, regularly updated and compiled as a data set by Navlog.

QuoVadis has now compiled this data set into a complete forest map for Germany, which can be used with QVX Desktop for planning and with QVX Mobile on smartphones and tablets for orientation and navigation.

There are two packages to choose from.

The first package, QV Navlog Forest Map, contains the map and is perfect for finding your way around the forest on your smartphone or tablet while on the move. You can see your own position on the map at all times and, thanks to the clear visualisation of the map, you can always see what the route network looks like. Safe orientation is therefore guaranteed at all times, even with large vehicles.

The second package, QV Navlog Forest Routing, contains the map from the first package plus the option of calculating and navigating routes in the forest. This is ideal for forestry companies that drive lorries into the forest to collect timber, but also for rescue services when a good route to a destination in the forest is needed quickly. QV then guides you to your destination with the usual navigation instructions.

To use the QV Navlog packages, a licence for the QuoVadis X Poweruser app is also required. Either QVX Desktop or QVX Mobile for travelling. One licence for each map and app is required per device, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Navlog cannot be used with QVX Standard or QVX Basic.

The map is updated annually. When the new edition is released, QVX issues a corresponding message and you should update your edition.

These maps are reserved for a limited user group. This includes Players in the forestry and timber industry as well as authorities and organisations with security tasks (BOS). When purchasing these cards, membership of this group must be confirmed by selecting from the list. We reserve the right to check proof.





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