Move to another computer

To move the complete QV7 to another computer, please proceed as follows:

  • If possible, deactivate the QV7 license on the old computer.
  • Download and install the latest QV7 setup from hier.
  • Start QV7 on the new computer and activate with your QV7 serial number. If you get an error message when doing this, please contact us at
  • Quit QV7 on the new computer
  • Now copy the entire Public Documents\QV7_Data folder from the old computer to the new one. Except the Public Documents\QV7_Data\_lic\lp_ttqv5b.lic . This has already been created by the new activation and must not be overwritten with the activation from the old computer.
  • Now copy all other maps, if they are not in QV7_Data. Make sure that the folder names for them on the new one are the same as on the old computer.