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The all new QuoVadis X Mobile app from QuoVadis - best for navigating and exploring your neighborhood, your holiday area or the whole world.

Combining knowledge of more than 20 years of developing GPS apps with the own experience of traveling hundreds of thousands km all over the world, the new QuoVadis X Mobile App is now truly the best app you can get whenever you want to go out exploring your neighborhood, your holiday area or the whole world.

Three versions

Getting started with QuoVadis X Mobile Basic is free and unlimited. Just download and go. If you want more, you can upgrade to Standard or Poweruser. You can find all information about the functions of the versions here.

Modern user interface

Map is the most important thing, so it is displayed full screen to give you the full overview. Controls are arranged in a way that they appear only when needed. Task are presented in the split screen, so while you are working on your route or change colors of waypoints, for example, you immediately see the outcome on the map.


We offer you a huge selection of maps to choose from, online, offline, topographic and road maps, raster and vectorial maps, satellite images and much more. Offline maps for many parts of the world, including all POIs, are available to download for free from our server. You can even load multiple maps at the same time.

Offline und Offroad

Our OSM off-line maps of many countries now includes additional information about the road surface. So you see at a glance, if a road is paved, of gravel, dirt or sand, meaning, where the fun starts, or stops. With the offline routing data you navigate in regions, where there is no internet anymore.

All the POIs

With our offline maps you can choose which POI-categories, for example, petrol stations, camp sites, etc. you want to see permanently in the map. Opening a POI gives you a lot more information.

Don’t search, find!

A powerful Find-task lets you find addresses and all your waypoints, routes and tracks fast.

Route planning, easy and flexible

It’s all about the route, so QVX gives you many tools to create your own route. It offers online route calculation with the major routing providers and also offline routing with our free downloadable routing packages. You can create routes for walking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, and of course, for cars and motorbikes. One special mode “Curvy Roads” gives you automatically the option of nice, small roads in the back country avoiding cities, highways and major roads.


Time to go! Activate your route, or just go to a POI or waypoint, or follow a track. Put your smartphone on the handlebar, dashboard or just in your pocket. QVX will guide you along your route with clearly visible indications, audible instructions can be activated too.


Share you location with other QuoVadis-users through our internal QV-network, share routes, tracks, waypoints via email, Airdrop and wifi. Share all data with QuoVadis X for Windows and macOS.


Powerful database functions are included to manage even larger amount of waypoints, routes and tracks. Databases are compatible with QuoVadis X Desktop so both apps work perfectly together.

Many more

Detailed GPS-info, sun- and moonrise and set, compass, tracklog and even the weather is available in the app.

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Quick Start

Download on the Apple App Store


The overview of the functions of  Basic - Standard - Poweruser you'll find here.

Informations how to activate the app you will find here.

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