To use offline maps, POIs and offline routing you need to download these countries first.

So select Downloads from the Main menu :

Offline maps/POIs and routing are two different downloads. To avoid wasting space for those, who don't need both, we offer them in separate downloads, although there are some packages containing both. POIs are always included in the map, they are not separate downloads.

First select the Server:

QV Osm Maps Contains offline maps for many countries and regions. Some of the downloads contains the routing as well. The content is stated in the description as well as the date of creation and the space required. Note, that for download and install, double that space is required.
QV Osm Routing v9 Routing packages for many countries and regions. For some regions we offer downloads for car, walking and bicycle routing. See description.
QV Special maps These are maps with special content not included in the normal maps. It can be POI-collections, special routes etc.
easyROUTES This is special maps for the easyROUTES project. Not recommended for use with QVX-Mobil
Horst_H - Spezialkarten Horst is a very advanced user and offers his collection of special maps and POI-collection

After selection of the server, the list of downloads is shown.

Find the country you want, by searching or by selecting a category and tap on it.

Then just select Download.

All our QV maps and routing databases is compiled from the latest Openstreetmap data.

We are also refreshing them at least once per year. Currently we are running a refresh cycle of the whole world to reflect the new features of the new app, which is still busy for some time. So for some countries you'll find only maps from 2019 currently. POIs and unpaved roads markings are only included in maps from Sept. 2021 on.

In case you can't find what you want, or you need a specific area, you can always contact us so that we can add it to the downloads. You might also consider to have a look at QuoVadis X Desktop, where you can create the area or country of your choice all by yourself.