Namibia 1:50.000 Topo QV-Map

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Version: QV7, QVX, QVXM
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Namibia 1:50.000, 1:250K Topo QV-Map

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Exclusively at QuoVadis! Namibia 1: 50.000 seamless, included maps 1: 50K(coverage complete), 1: 100K (south of Namibia), 1: 250K(coverage complete).
We were kindly granted access to the map server of the Namibian Land Survey and we were able to select the best available from the different sheets and file formats. Partially these map sheets in 1: 50K are very old and of very poor resolution and scan quality, but there is nothing better available!
In the north there are about 200 sheets of more recent design included. We put a lot of work in trying to assemble all those more then 1300 different files into one big, seamless map.

These data require QuoVadis 7.2, the maps are not compatible with older TTQV versions!
©Namibia, Directorate of Survey and Mapping
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