Visability of objects

Per default all objects in the map, also map overlays, routes, WPs, tracks etc. are displayed always in all in all zoom levels. But you can define a special scale range for every objekt, in which it should be visable. When you zoom out of this scale range, the object will be hided.

So the map window is displayed more clearly and increases the performance.

Please visit Style of the object and change to the tab Overlays for the maps and for all other objekt-types in the tab General:

The visability is controlled by the both buttons Near und Far.

Near deactivated and Far deactivated The objekt is always visable in every zoom
Near deactivated and Far activated The objekt is from “very near” visable to the scale range, which you have entered in the field beside Far. When you zoom more out, the object will disappear. This setting is good for example for POIs, which shall appear only from a certain size, because they would disturb the overview.
Near activated and Far deactivated When you zoom very near, the object is unvisible. Only when you zoom out to the scale range, which you have entered in the field beside near, the object becomes visable and stays visable, also when you zoom very far out. This setting is good for overview objects.
Near activated and Far activated The object is only visable between the both zoom-levels.

The range of scale, which is relevant for the settings, can be readed out in the upper left corner in the map window everytime (if Scale range is activated in the menue View) :

To make the configuration easier einfacher, we have some support tools:

A Click on the button, to transfer the actual range of scale of the map into the field to the left besides it.
- 1 + Hereby you can zoom the map to control, if the object shall disappear, as entered, and appear again.

For WPs, routes and tracks you can determine also the arrangement relatively to other marks. Per Default all new objects have 0 here. If you want that a special track, is for example drawed always over other tracks, then you need to enter a larger number here as the others.