Multiple maps

In QV you can open several maps simoultaneously. While it was necessary in QV 4 to open each map in a seperate map window, QuoVadis 6 allows for opening several maps in the same map window.

This is very helpful in cases where maps end at national borders such as Topomaps in the Alps. The no of maps to be plotted in the same map window ist virtually unlimited.

To open various maps in the same map window you have several options:

  • Open the first map using the Show in map icon (see chapter map window). Therafter just drag and drop additional maps from the QV-Xplorer into the map window.
  • Open the first map using the Show in map icon (see chapter map window). Therafter mark another map in the QV X-Plorer and click the image563177719.jpg Show in map icon again. The open map assistent will open:

Choose the same World mode as when opening the first map and In current map window, then click Finish. In this case the second map will be plotted on top of the first one, so the covered areas are merged but in areas which are covered by both maps, the second one will cover the first map.

If you choose Add as overlay to current map, the areas which are coverd by both maps can be faded in a userdefinable transparency. Vector maps will be plotted on raster maps.

For further details please refer to Style Options in the chapter map pop-up menu.

Below you find an example of our Top25 Germany combined with our Top40 Austria:

Working with several map windows

In case you want several maps in seperate map windows you can still do so. All map windows will be completely independent from another. Each window can show different maps or the same map can be viewed in different  styles (2D versus 3D),  scales and details. When creating or editing waypoints, routes, tracks or drawings, it is helpful to work with several map windows, e.g. one for an overview map and one with a large scale showing all the details. Changes made in one map window automatically be synchronized and displayed in the other. However, please bear in mind that multiple maps windows require a lot of hardware ressources of you PC. So this might slow down the plotting and 3D modelling quite substantially, especially if you do not have a very powerful PC.

In the GPS online mode you can also follow your position simultaneously in the different map windows respectively in different map types (e.g. city map or overview map), different zoom stages, different styles, etc.

If you plot all marks by clicking the icon, they will be displayed in all opened map windows.

If you are editing marks, e.g. delete or insert points, then all changes will automatically be updated in all map windows.

In contrast, all commands (e.g. a map export) always refer to the active map window only. The active map window is indicated with a blue title line.

If you want to change the focus to another map, just click on the other window, or change the map window through the Windows menu or using the Map Layer Manager.

If you want a certain point to be plotted in another map window, right-click on the map at the desired location and select Show point in another map window… from the opening pop-up menu. Choose from the following list a window which is already open or select New map window if you want the point to be plotted in a new map.

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Remark:  QV Standard supports a maximum of 3 map windows which can be opened simultaneously.
             QV Basic is limited to 1 map window while QV Poweruser and QV Professional support 5, respectively 10 map windows at a time.